Two New Releases From Brother Andrew And A New Music Video

Video Shot & Edited By Corey Frank of Summer Rental Studios

I (Brother Andrew) will be releasing two recordings on Thursday, April 1st. The two recordings are part of a series songs due to the release over the next several months, recorded with in a room with tall ceilings, solid gear, and great musicians.

I think what was accomplished is a unique, distinctive representation of songs I wrote with alot of care. It’s really funny how the older I get, the less chords I tend to use. I feel like that’s all part of “becoming the music” for me. I have grown to love songs that fit together like puzzles. As Tom Waits said, Songwriting is Like Fishing. You have to be real quiet to catch the big ones. I think it applies somehow.

I sometimes forget things much like an elderly person might. People tell me about things that happened in the past, or people I’ve met. I generally can remember broad details, but I usually need help remembering those moments, those singular things that make anything really yours. While I wrote these songs, I was trying to document my experiences, capture moments, even if they were fleeting or only in my mind.

I hope you enjoy listening to these recordings, and I hope you feel encouraged to share them with those close to you, and support my music in the future.

Some of the amazing help that went into recording these songs cannot go unmentioned. First and foremost, the musicians who recorded with me (I’ll go in alphabetical cause why not?) Thanks to Victor Gaines, Kevin Breit, Jack Daley, Donald Edwards, Eric Friedlander, Victor Gaines, Khadijah Islah Mohammed and Mike Noordzy. A special shout out to my pal David Spellman, who helped produce these tunes and sparked the idea to record some songs in the first place.

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