Kodachrome @ The Asbury Lanes

A few weeks ago I released some music. If you’d like to listen, feel free to stream my new music on all streaming platforms. Whilst I work on more releases, I wanted to share some things we were lucky enough to capture along the way.

While I was getting ready to release “Window” and “It’s You”, I realized I wanted to accompany the music with some visuals. I enlisted my good friend Corey Frank of Summer Rental Studios for the job. I decided that trying to stage anything short of reality might be a little taxing considering the pandemic circumstances. I was also lucky enough to get a chance to play the Asbury Lanes weeks prior to the release. These two variables lead me to decide that we would use live clips from our rehearsals, as well as from the first live show many of us had played in months; as the backdrop for the new single.

So, I invited Corey to join us at the Asbury Lanes. The experience was nothing short of surreal. There we all were, on a Saturday night, back stage in the green room, playing our first show in months. The excitement was palpable, and we all felt very fortunate to be playing in front of people.

During our set, we did an impromptu version of one of my favorite songs, “Kodachrome”. This performance was especially exciting due to the fact that my brother Skip happened to be in town that evening, and had the chance to join us on stage for harmonies. Singing lyrics like “Mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away” especially with your own flesh and blood was something that gave the entire performance a whole different level of significance for me. Although the last year had taken a toll on live performances, we had the chance to perform our favorite music, with our dearest friends. For that night, and for all future performances, I will always feel eternally grateful.

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